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The Hatch institute has developed the concept called Cultureneering™  – that will guide you in building a culture in a diverse workforce that provides your customers with the highest levels of service.

Cultureneering™ is a philosophy that Hatch founder, Ian Fuhr, developed over four decades of his entrepreneurial journey, and perfected while building his highly successful national beauty chain, Sorbet.

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(n.) The art of building a strong culture in a diverse workforce that lays the platform for obsessive customer service.

The Hatch Cutureneering™ Program

No one in the market focuses on diversity and racial healing in the way that we do. We explore racial polarisation, and the impact it is has on the culture of the organisation and the creation of a sense of psychological safety and belonging in the workplace.

Our Services

Culture Training

The Cultureneering™ Programme will give you the roadmap needed to achieve meaningful change that results in obsessive customer service, increased customer loyalty and healthy profits.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI)

We need to have the uncomfortable conversations that sensitise us about the root causes of social injustice. With our high-impact workshops, we create a safe environment for these conversations to take place.

Business and Leadership Coaching

In order to earn the moral authority to lead and inspire your people to motivate themselves, you need to be able to demonstrate an ability to transform yourself and remove those obstacles that are standing in your way.

Personal coaching

While most coaches focus on either life coaching or leadership coaching, we are unique in how we link personal growth to business leadership, and help you find your voice with effective communication in a diverse work environment with Hatch Speak.

Keynote talks and events

Ian Fuhr with an extraordinary 48-year entrepreneurial career, is a seasoned keynote speaker who shares his invaluable lessons and insights on culture, self-development, leadership, customer service and race relations.

Ian Fuhr and his team at the Hatch Institute has made a profound impact on EM’s growth and development. We have undergone a transformative journey that has enhanced our culture and assisted in creating our purpose (EMverything)



Our clients we serve

Introduction to Cultureneering™

When we work from the premise that the customer experience will never be better than the employee experience, we realise that we will never have the service levels we aspire to until we build a cuture that enables our people to serve.

The purpose of our work

Our purpose is to transform mindsets to inspire people to adopt new paradigms on life, business, culture, diversity, community, and the country. Our team at Hatch compromises of experienced professionals and qualified coaches who will provide you with valuable insights and strategies to helo you thrive in this competetive business landscape

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Hear from our Clients

Ian Fuhr, the designer of CultureneeringTM and Culture-Driven Leadership, has based these principles on a deep belief that helped him to build Sorbet into a brand that not only spanned the whole of South Africa, but changed the lives of thousands of employees (and customers).

Embrace the culture-driven approach

Running a business in a racially polarised country with a melting pot of diversity, requires leaders to understand the complexity of building an inclusive culture out of a fragmented workforce. A strong culture is not only focused on chasing financial objectives, but is based on trust, equality, respect and mutual tolerance. When every employee has a true sense of belonging, despite their differences, it is possible to create a common purpose of obsessive customer service.

I’ve read every one of Ian’s books, they never disappoint. And this one is just as important and meaningful. Thoroughly enjoyed it


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