Note the powerful connection between the Culture, (the foundation and structure of the building) and Customer Service, (the roof).

Without a strong and sturdy culture,

Obsessive Customer Service

will be elusive

The principles of

We specialize in helping companies embrace the uncomfortable truths that need to be addressed in order to make progress. Through Ian’s experience of founding and building the Sorbet beauty conglomerate, he has developed a revolutionary concept called Cultureneering™ that guides organizations in building a culture in a diverse workforce that provides customers with the highest levels of service.



The concept of

Cultureneering™ goes way beyond DEI and coaching services. It’s a transformative approach that empowers organizations to become culture-driven, purpose-built businesses. We align your values, goals, and strategies with the diverse needs of your workforce, creating an exceptional environment for personal and professional growth.


Demonstrate your own ability to transform before you attempt to influence the mindsets of your people.


Let go of the outdated heavy-handed, power-driven leadership approach and learn how to earn the moral authority to lead.


Build a community in which everyone, regardless of their background and differences, experiences an authentic sense of belonging within the company.

The holistic


The challenges your company may be facing include culture alignment, quality of service,  leadership or problems with team dynamics. These are all areas where we provide valuable support and guidance, from personal leadership coaching through to workshops and group sessions. 

If service is beneath you, then leadership is beyond you.

Our unique approach helps build culture-driven leaders who can navigate the complex socio-political and economic landscape of South Africa. 

Walking your journey with us

Whereas most coaches focus on either life coaching or business coaching, the Hatch Cultureneering™ Concept is unique in that it links personal growth to business leadership. We coach business leaders and entrepreneurs to navigate the South African social, political and economic landscape, which is a highly volatile melting pot of diversity.

Purchase Ian’s book to gain the tools and insights required to build a company culture that is good for its people, its customers and, ultimately, for sustainable growth.




I’ve read every one of Ian’s books, they never disappoint. And this one is just as important and meaningful. Thoroughly enjoyed it


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Learn to create a culture that supports people and drives obsessive customer service.


When exceptional service is delivered, customers become passionate about your brand.


When you get to the heart of inclusion and diversity, you can build a sustainable business.

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