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At Hatch, we understand that creating a culture of service is a journey, and not an event. Our Cultureneering Programme is based on lived experience, conceptualised over several decades of Ian’s entrepreneurial journey, and put into best practice when he built the Sorbet Group. The Hatch team is also made up of individuals who deeply understand that the purpose of work is to serve. You’ll soon see this in the way in which we serve you, and the way in which we guide your people to serve your clients.

The Hatch Cultureneering programme is built on the very strong link between culture and service because the customer experience will never be better than the employee experience.

Coaching can occur in person or online, dependinga on your preferences.

Please get in touch to arrange a quote suited to your requirements” with a click through to contact info@hatchinstitute.co.za

Whilst we have specified coaching programmes for leaders and entrepreneurs, we also offer Professional Coaching (click through here?) for anyone wanting to  clarify goals, identify obstacles, and create strategies to improve their personal and professional lives. In fact, some of our most successful business clients offer coaching to employees at all levels.

“Our clients’ trust is paramount. We recognize the sensitive nature of the information you share with us and are committed to upholding the highest standards of confidentiality across all the services we offer.Our commitment to ethical practices influences the design and delivery of each service. We emphasize competence, integrity, and cultural sensitivity in all our interactions. Our goal is to foster an environment of respect and trust, and inclusivity where personal and professional growth can flourish.Our promise to you is a journey of growth, empowerment, and learning that respects your individuality and champions the values of inclusivity and excellence?

Siimply reach out to us through our contact page or by using the provided contact information. We’re happy to set up an introductory meeting to further explore your needs.

Yes, we currently service businesses of all sizes, from start ups, to SME’s and through to large organisations” Click here to view companies we currently work with.- jump through to client logos section

Coaching sessions may occur online or in person, dependingon your needs.

While coaches work within the Cultureneering framework, the coaching journey is tailored to suit both the strengths and areas for development of the individual.

Based on Ian’s best practice, Culture-Driven Leadership steers leaders away from the traditional top down approach, and towards a nurturing, bottom up, purpose and values based approach in which the leader is able to earn the moral authority to lead, rather than rely on positional power. There is a strong focus on personal development as being intrinsic to leadership success. What emerges are leaders that inspire their people to follow them to place they would never have gone by themselves.

A full programme including the 6th month leadership programme.

These workshops are suitable for leaders at all levels, and also for the development of up and coming leaders.


Implementing the Cultureneering philosophy will allow you inspire your people to, and gear your processes toward, providing your clients with the highest levels of service.

Obsessive Customer Service

We recommend that customer facing employees attend these workshops, and include selected managers so that they may further empower the employees to attain obsessive customer service levels. Where possible, the added participation of support staff is valuable in order to demonstrate the necessity for the full workforce to deeply understand the collaboration required by all participants within the chain of service.

We recommend this workshop as a follow up to the Introduction to Cultureneering Workshops. Whilst the former focus on culture as the foundation from which to deliver obsessive customer service, this workshop focuses on the rudiments of delivering customer service i.e the “how”.

Based on the revised FAQ in the comment above: While the rudiments of service delivery are standard to the Cultureneering Framework, we will work closely with you and your team  to speak to your industry specific needs.

Workshop durations can vary based on your requirements, ranging from a half-day session to a multi-day program. We offer both in-person and virtual workshops, making it convenient for your team to participate from any location.

Racial Healing

Racial healing is a process that aims to repair the damage caused by racial polarization, acknowledge the truth about our past, build trust, and foster authentic relationships across racial divides. It is essential to address the root causes of social injustice and create a more inclusive society. Racial healing is critical for South Africa’s future, given the pervasive impact of systemic racism and polarization. The legacy of racial inequality touches every aspect of the nation’s challenges, making race relations and social cohesion central but often overlooked priorities. Despite the initial optimism of the “Rainbow Nation,” the consequences of the past persist, contributing to high levels of inequality and societal issues. Shifting from reactive to proactive solutions is crucial, emphasising the need to address systemic racism for a united and equal society. Reviving the vision of a rainbow nation requires healing the wounds of the past and focusing on unity.

The workshops aim to create a safe and constructive environment for participants to engage in uncomfortable conversations about race and social injustice. They are designed to sensitize individuals to the issues and challenges surrounding racial inequality to cultivate inclusivity both in society and in the workplace.

These workshops consist of three modules, each lasting three hours, with one module held per week. The week-long intervals allows participants time for reflection and deeper engagement with the material.

Accordion ContaThe workshops are facilitated by two individuals of different racial backgrounds. This diverse facilitator team is intended to provide multiple perspectives and create a balanced learning experience.ent

Participants will gain insights into the root causes of racial polarization, learn about historical injustices, and explore ways to build trust and authentic relationships across racial divides. The workshops aim to promote understanding and empathy among participants.

Yes, these workshops are open to individuals from all racial backgrounds. They are designed to encourage dialogue and understanding among people of different races.

The workshops typically include a mix of presentations, group discussions, exercises, and interactive activities. The goal is to engage participants actively in the learning process.

To register for Racial Healing Workshops, please contact our team through the provided contact information. We will assist you with the registration process and provide you with all the necessary details.

Participants are encouraged to bring an open mind, a willingness to engage in dialogue, and a commitment to understanding and healing. Specific workshop materials and requirements will be communicated upon registration.

By participating in these workshops, individuals can expect to gain a deeper understanding of racial issues, develop empathy for others, and contribute to building a more inclusive and harmonious society. The ultimate goal is to promote healing, trust, and unity across racial divides and to grow and learn both in a personal and professional capacity.

Key Note Talks

Presentations  are generally 45 mins, with an additional 15 mins for Q&A. However, we are happy to customise the timing to suit your needs.

Certainly. We will be happy to discuss this in your briefing meeting. Contact info@hatchinstitute.co.za to submit your booking request

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  • The revolutionary Cultureneering concept
  • Organizational culture and exceptional customer service
  • Journey into the The Soul of Sorbet
  • Racial Healing in South Africa
  • Leading in a volatile socio-political environment

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