Keynote Talks By Ian Fuhr

Serial Entrepreneur, Founder of Sorbet Group and the Hatch Institute, and Keynote Speaker

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Ian Fuhr, CEO and Founder of The Hatch Institute, with an extraordinary 48-year entrepreneurial career, is a seasoned keynote speaker who shares his invaluable lessons and insights on culture, self-development, leadership, customer service and race relations.


Ian’s life journey has been a series of entrepreneurial ventures, each started in new and unfamiliar industries. An unlikely CEO of the Sorbet chain of beauty salons, he believes in the subversive idea that in life and in business, service comes before self-interest.


During Ian’s talks, he stops at key moments that mark important epiphanies. Each revelation demanding that he make choices that have elegantly combined into a leadership philosophy that could only have come out of the unique soup of socio-political conditions that is South Africa. That philosophy is a useful recipe for anyone who wants to succeed at a time when the world desperately needs to design for greater accountability, diversity, and creativity, in business and in society.


As a 3x author, his books, “Get that Feeling,” “The Soul of Sorbet,” and “Cultureneering,” offer captivating narratives of his life, his epic entrepreneurial journey, building strong workplace cultures and the success of Sorbet. Ian’s wealth of experience and passion for driving change make him a sought-after speaker at various events, seminars, conferences and businesses globally.

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Some of Ian's Keynote talk clients

Experience the transformative power of lan Fuhr’s keynote talks. With a wealth of experience and a passion for driving change, lan Fuhr offers a range of topics that will inspire, educate, and empower your audience. Whether you’re seeking to elevate your business, enhance your organizational culture, or delve into thought-provoking discussions on society, lan’s keynote talks are tailored to leave a profound impact and transform the mindsets of individuals.

Choose from these keynote topics

My Entrepreneurial Journey: Gain a first hand account of the lessons, challenges, and victories that have shaped Ian’s remarkable entrepreneurial journey.

Cultureneering: Pioneered by Ian Fuhr, discover how to build a culture that results in delivering the highest levels of service on a path to sustainable success.

Culture and Service: Explore the inextricable link between organizational culture and exceptional customer service. Ian reveals the tools and insights behind creating a culture that culminates in outstanding customer experiences.

The Soul of Sorbet: Journey into the heart of Sorbet, one of South Africa's most beloved beauty brands. Ian unveils the essence that drove Sorbet's incredible success.

Racial Healing in South Africa: This talk delves into the crucial role of racial healing and reconciliation in South Africa and its relevance on a global scale. It also explores how unaddressed racial issues can impact businesses more than we realize, shedding light on the vital connection between addressing these issues and ensuring long-term exceptional workplace culture and ultimately business success.

Leading in a Volatile Socio-Political Environment: In an era defined by uncertainty, Ian Fuhr shares invaluable leadership insights and principles for navigating turbulent socio-political landscapes.

Ian’s keynote talks are a source of inspiration, knowledge, and actionable strategies. Your audience will leave feeling inspired, motivated, informed, and equipped with the tools to drive positive change.

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