Racial Healing

Racial healing is a process that repairs the damage caused by racial polarisation, acknowledges the truth about our past, facilitates trust-building, and fosters authentic relationships across the divides.


WHY is racial healing important?

Racial healing is critical for South Africa’s future, given the pervasive impact of systemic racism and polarization. The legacy of racial inequality touches every aspect of the nation’s challenges, making race relations and social cohesion central but often overlooked priorities. Despite the initial optimism of the “Rainbow Nation,” the consequences of the past persist, contributing to high levels of inequality and societal issues. Shifting from reactive to proactive solutions is crucial, emphasising the need to address systemic racism for a united and equal society. Reviving the vision of a rainbow nation requires healing the wounds of the past and focusing on unity.


We need to have the uncomfortable conversations that sensitise us about the root causes of social injustice. This workshop creates a safe environment for these conversations to take place.

These workshops comprise of 3 modules for 3 hours each, a week apart. They are facilitated by two people of different race groups. This workshop is most impactful when attended in groups that are mixed in terms of race, gender, age, and organisational level. (Maximum 15 participants per workshop)

In this highly participative workshop, we commence with participants sharing their own histories and close with participants sharing their vision on how to create a culture in which people of all races can experience a sense of belonging.

The course content further comprises of:

The history of Apartheid and it’s impact on our present

The components of systemic racism

The formation of our own paradigms and biases and how to challenge these

The impact of racial polarisation on the workplace, and society at large

How to talk about, deal with and heal racism and racial polarisation

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