Culture Training


Introduction to Cultureneering™ workshop for senior leaders.

If your company is struggling with:

– racial and cultural polarisation in the workplace

– misalignment of company purpose and values

– absence of a sense of belonging and common purpose

– customer service is not quite where it should be

– leaders who can’t seem to navigate the socio-political changes in the country


We can help you.

As all change begins at the top, we commence with a full day workshop for senior leaders, providing them with overview of the Cultureneering™ programme and making clear the critical link between the culture they drive and the service their people deliver.


We then invite the rest of the organization to attend a workshop tailored to their particular organizational level.


*Each senior leader is gifted a copy of Ian Fuhr’s Cultureneering™ book with the tools required to build a company culture that is good for its people, its customers and, ultimately, for sustainable growth.

Culture and Service Workshops for the general staff.

This workshop is aimed at the general staff. The process of Culture Change cannot be driven by the leadership alone. It must become the heartbeat of the entire organisation.

The half-day workshops will focus on:



Obsessive Customer Service Workshops for a mix of management and customer-facing employees.

Obsessive customer service requires that you place the customer at the centre of your world. This can only be executed when it is driven by leadership and becomes the heartbeat of the entire organisation.

We invite a mix of managers from various levels to attend alongside employees. This workshop is not limited to customer-facing employees only.

The half-day workshops will focus on:

Snap Culture Health Check- Survey.

Start your Cultureneering journey with an evaluation of your organization’s values, beliefs, behaviours and practices.


All surveyed out? Likely because online surveys sacrifice real feedback for expediency, with drop down commentary options which leave you no closer to understanding what your people really mean to communicate.


Hatch surveys are facilitated online or in-person, with anonymous commentary scribed in detail, allowing your team to accurately support their scoring and express themselves in their own words.

This provides a clear snapshot of the perceptions of both leaders and employees and allows us to assist you in developing a road map which speaks to the real issues.



Building Effective Teams.

In today’s fast-paced and interconnected work environment, effective teamwork is not just desirable, it’s essential for success. However, simply assembling a group of individuals does not guarantee optimal performance.

Team dynamics workshops are interactive sessions aimed at enhancing teamwork by addressing key aspects such as communication, trust-building, conflict resolution, collaboration, and innovation within teams. By providing participants with tools, strategies, and opportunities for self-reflection and team interaction, these workshops lead to improved team performance, boosted morale, enhanced problem-solving skills, increased creativity, and strengthened relationships among team members, ultimately creating a more cohesive and productive work environment.

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